A New Destiny Awaits

“The Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.”–Walt Disney

Trouble Seeing The Forest For The Trees?

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”–Rumi

Wisdom Through Experience

“Knowledge is flour, but wisdom is bread.”–Austin O’Malley

Believe & Achieve

“Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”–Thomas Edison

Mentors To Freedom uses mentoring and social entrepreneurship to empower those seeking to live their fullest and most free life.

Begin Your Journey On A Path To Success

The path to freedom is a journey.  It’s the experiences you create that resonate with your one true self.  It begins with the discovery of who you really are and knowing what your heart seeks, then radiating that desire into the fabric of time to manifest absolute abundance and ultimate freedom.  Master your mind and emotions with Mentors to Freedom.

Develop the skills you need to succeed through our Live Masterclass events and digital resource library of solutions that focus on three core areas.


Finding your fire and passion, realizing your dreams and aspirations by learning how to live your life to the fullest in all areas of your personal and professional well being.

A Guided Path

Our Mentors at Mentors to Freedom have years of experience in many different areas of life and business.  Our mentors are here to help you and your business be a better you.  Understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and taking a good idea or product and making it better.

Digital Automation

Opportunity to access our Mentor Hub; learn and/or enhance your promotions and selling your own or other peoples products and services.  Learning and delving into market research and advertising.

Our combined experiences in creating & delivering digital courses, hosting events and coaching will give you the tools you need to achieve success.

Our Flagship Offerings

Begin Your Journey & Live Life Abundantly

People Are Talking

Read What Our Clients Have To Say

"This has opened my eyes to a whole new life!” Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Marie S

Elkhart, IN

“It's EASY when someone shows you HOW! Mentorship for absolute abundance!"

Ty C

Santa Barbara, CA

“This is unbelievable. My business has doubled, and I have more time for my family than ever."

Cathy F

Chicago, IL

“This is pure GOLD! I'm able to get MORE done with less effort and time than ever before!"

Ben F

Ft. Collins, CO

“Why isn't this taught to us in school? I wish I knew all this years ago!"

Jennifer G

Galveston, TX

“I've had it all wrong all this time. My time was wasted working for someone else. Now, I have more time, more money and total freedom!"

Pierre B

Québec, Canada

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